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Online Psychotherapy via Zoom

Family Picnic

Support for Parents & Carers

When our children are suffering, we can feel alone and unsure, and I can help make a space to think about how you can support your children (and each other) to cope during difficult times.

I have specific experience aiding parents and carers in emotionally supportive parenting for mental health, and treating Anxiety and OCD using the SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) approach. 


I also provide support for parents caring for someone with an eating disorder, but I do not provide primary intervention for these difficulties.

I am happy to work collaboratively with CAMHS to provide additional support to parents.

Playing Piano


Systemic Psychotherapy focuses on understanding ourselves as part of the wider contexts and narratives of our history, culture, and society.  We explore patterns of interaction and look to identify and build on our strengths.

I have a particular interest in helping individuals develop their 'inner compass' to navigate their relationships and to feel more connected to themselves and others.



Every couple and family has their own dance.  But at times of stress and transition, the music changes and couples and families may find it difficult to learn new steps that allow for growth and connection.

Emotionally-supportive, non-violent resistance, and attachment based approaches can help couples and families create comfort and safety in their relationships, improve communication, and experience each other as truly being present for them.

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